Why Am I Here?

I started this blog because I like music.

Music is more than part of my life. Work, running, time spent with friends, reading, all are parts of my life, but music is so much more than that. It is there when I drive, when I run, it is even in my head when I’m sitting at work and can’t actually listen to it. It’s how I worship God and how I make sense of the tragedies of life. It is now and has always been part of me. In some ways it transcends all parts of my life.

I started this blog because people have encouraged me to. A friend of mine once told me she liked my Facebook status updates and thought I’d be good at this. Another friend thought I should write about music, since it is something I enjoy, something I know a lot about, and something I could be interesting about. Or so I hope…

I started this blog because the other day, as I was driving home from work, the following artists came on the World Café in this order: Arcade Fire, The National, Broken Bells, and Mumford and Sons. I realized that if I were to set up my ultimate indie rock festival lineup, it would include all of those bands. I’d add some – Sufjan Stevens is missing from the lineup, and I’m sure I’d add some bands nobody’s heard of. But as I was driving along and one band after the other gave me the glees, I realized that this was a regular “Lolopalooza”. And I was excited, and I wanted to tell someone how awesome it was. But nobody really cared. But maybe someone out there will.

I started this blog because I want to talk about and remember the concert experiences I have. I paid good money to stand at Irving Plaza on Saturday night and sing at the top of my lungs with the David Crowder*Band, Gungor, Chris August and John Mark McMillan, and I like being able to talk about it afterwards. And so I will. In my next entry.

I started this blog because most people wouldn’t associate the bands I’ve mentioned in the previous two paragraphs with each other. But I love music, and I love talking about ALL bands. I have a wide variety of tastes. Genres don’t phase me. I just like good music. I hope to find others who feel that way too, and maybe some to give me more suggestions.

And finally, I started this blog because guys with guitars make me swoon. There is no better way to up a guy’s hotness factor for me than to strap a guitar to his chest and have him sing. Preferably to me. Or about me. From a stage. And I’m single, so I figure I’ll take this opportunity to let the billions of internet users out there know about this. I’m sure one of you knows somebody….

11/01/2011 (Updated 04/01/2013)


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