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All This For A King

Today is a happy yet sad day for me. David Crowder Band’s latest album is out today, and I can’t wait to hear it. On the other hand, this will be their last, and I’m completely bummed. I will really … Continue reading

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God is near

The other day I was listening to a song on Spotify. It was not a Christmas song, but it really articulated the entire meaning of Christmas in very few words. Yes, I know it’s a week late. I know it’s … Continue reading

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Nostalgia Thursday Bonus (Because I’ve been slacking as a blogger…)

Back in my youth group days, when I listened to the cheesier side of Christian music, I was super into Michael W. Smith. (If my friend Jill reads this she will probably hate me for saying that. Sorry Jill!) He … Continue reading

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Why do I love YouTube?

Because I can relive my concert experiences. Relived from 2 1/2 weeks ago… Beautiful Collision: The Crowder / JMM duet Thanks, dajldude1492! 🙂

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Send me a sign, a hint, a whisper

I love this video. Sweet and sad at the same time. And it involves Litebrite, which could have qualified this for Nostalgia Thursday. The first time I saw the video, I’ll admit, I cried. I’m so bummed it took me … Continue reading

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Everything Glorious

For starters, the above title is sort of false advertising. I’ll get that out there right away. I was kind of hoping to hear that song on Saturday at Irving Plaza and I didn’t. But seeing as how the whole … Continue reading

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