God is near

The other day I was listening to a song on Spotify. It was not a Christmas song, but it really articulated the entire meaning of Christmas in very few words. Yes, I know it’s a week late. I know it’s New Year’s Day. But I’m gonna do this anyway for several reasons. One, I really don’t want to have to wait another 51 weeks for Christmas to roll around again. Two, it’s not really a Christmas song, so it’s timely no matter what. As is the message of Christmas. Three, it’s still 5 days til Epiphany, so technically we’re on the seventh day of Christmas. I haven’t gotten seven swans a-swimming or anything else to commemorate the 7th day of Christmas, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still the Christmas season. Continue reading

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Chris August does Gavin Degraw a capella. I enjoy the view.

Love this video. This is the kind of stuff I watch when I’m sitting on the couch in front of a TV I’m not watching.

And let’s face it, I’d much rather watch 27 Chris Augusts than Gilmore Girls anyway  🙂

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12 Days of (Canadian) Christmas

So, you all know how I feel about Christmas music. I’ve already posted one of my favorite Christmas carols, which involved grown men meowing like cats. Yes I’m weird. Here’s another one.

I heard this song once in the car really early on a Christmas Eve, having just dropped a friend off at the airport. As in, it was still dark. That’s how early in the morning it was. I don’t know who it was but it must have been a pretty good friend. Or a really desperate friend, and I just had a lot of pity. It happens. Often. I still remember driving down Hempstead Tpke, crying because I thought it was that funny. This was before I’d had coffee, mind you, and things tend to be funnier to me when I’m caffeine-deprived. Things also tend to be funnier when they’re said with a Canadian accent, for some reason. Ah, Canadia, with your love of hockey, hosers, and the expression “eh”… You do make good comedy.

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Nostalgia Thursday (Well it’s still Thursday somewhere….)

This time of year, for four years of my life, meant one thing and one thing only. Finals. To me, this was the down side to college. The last week of classes was usually the week I’d have to get all my projects and presentations done, and of course the next week, all tests. I remember many nights thinking, “I just need to get through the next two weeks! Then all this torture will be over!” Continue reading

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Darius Rucker, or Yay MasterCard, or Hootie meets country

I’ve been on vacation the past couple days. It’s been nice, a vacation in the middle of the work week. It worked out to be a great time for a vacation, since I got the rare opportunity (as in I’ve never done this before) to be a VIP at a concert. My friend “Kent” won tickets to see Darius Rucker, and called me last minute to see if I wanted to go. I am never one to turn down a free concert, unless it’s Celine Dion, so of course I jumped at the chance to go.

As it was, I had been sitting in Starbucks, and in order to (barely) make my train I’d have to leave right then, with no chance to change clothes or throw on some makeup. Which actually, in the end kinda sucked for me because there were so many things I didn’t know about.

Continue reading

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I think I’m dumb, or maybe just happy

I came across this website yesterday…


It looks at the correlation between what students listen to at certain colleges and the average SAT scores of said colleges. I think it’s a cool website, but that’s mainly because it seems indie rock is popular among students who go to the schools with higher SAT scores. It gives me a little smug satisfaction.

I also happened to notice that most of the bands I listen to are on the higher end of the SAT scores for their genre. I really don’t put much stock in the findings since, supposedly, Incubus listeners are of equal intelligence as David Crowder Band, and I personally see myself as smarter than the average Incubus fan.

But on the other hand, Sufjan Stevens and Radiohead scored really high. Smart students like Sufjan and Radiohead. In fact the smartest students… Well, they like Beethoven (don’t tell my dad — it will fuel his vendetta against music with a beat), but the next smartest students like my favorites. I can feel pretty good about that, right?

Like I said though, I don’t judge myself or anyone else by the music I listen to. But I do like feeling smart. So maybe I do judge myself by the music I listen to.

And don’t tell me if you like Lil Wayne or The Used. It might cause me to start talking down to you.

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All these things we’ll one day swallow whole

Today I went Christmas shopping at the Americana Mall. Whenever I do that, it reminds me of the first time I Christmas shopped there, because it was a special day for me. It was the day I fell in love with Radiohead. This was back when I was living in East Rockaway, but all my friends lived up there in the Manhasset area. I was a poor recent college grad, working at Adelphi, and browsing around the one store I could actually afford to shop in, which was HMV. I loved HMV. It’s closed now and I am sad about that. Continue reading

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All Good Bass Players, Speak Up! or Forever Hold Your Peace!

A long time ago, in another blog far, far away, on livejournal, I blogged about my love for the bass. More than that, bass players. It was mostly in reaction to this kid Jim, who I was, um, you could say I was involved with him. He lived in Ohio, or else he would have been a boyfriend. He was weird. He was in a band called Velvet Sun. He played guitar, and had zero respect for his band’s (or any!) bass player. He also had this complex where he thought he was always right. And wanted to control me from 500-ish miles away. Yeah, on second thought, if he lived here, he would probably not have been a boyfriend. Anyway… Continue reading

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Nostalgia Thursday Bonus (Because I’ve been slacking as a blogger…)

Back in my youth group days, when I listened to the cheesier side of Christian music, I was super into Michael W. Smith. (If my friend Jill reads this she will probably hate me for saying that. Sorry Jill!) He is a good songwriter, but he does kind of hearken back to those times when Christian music was, well, boring. Maybe it’s guilt by association. But when I think of his music, I imagine stadiums full of girls with pouffy bangs, tapered jeans, and turtlenecks under Champion sweatshirts. And guys with mullets.  The odd part about that was, I first saw him in the mid- to late-90’s, and they were dressed this way (about a half step behind everyone else, as is often the case in Bible Bubbles!)

I remember one of his albums that I pretty much wore out on my Walkman (tape player, of course!) was i 2 (EYE). By the way, this is how the album’s name was stylized. Note the unnecessary use of parenthesis, for what reason I cannot tell you. I’m guessing it was to make it look more relevant and cutting edge. But I ate it up at the time. I could not get enough of it. It was MWS in all his synthesizer-driven late 80’s glory, and I loved it. Mainly because my mom allowed me to listen to it, and it was what all the cool kids at church were listening to.

Today I happened upon a cover of a song off the album by David Crowder Band. As we have already established, I love this band. So when I saw they’d done a MWS cover, I got a little worried. In fact, I got very worried. DCB might just fall from their can-do-no-wrong status with this one. Please God Nooooooo!

But being the glutton for punishment I am, I decided (trepidatiously) to check out this cover. DCB also uses synthesizers, by the way, but somehow they are just way cooler. As it turns out I had nothing to worry about. Because the cover is awesome. Check it out….

I’ve gone YouTube crazy tonight, I think.

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Nostalgia Thursday: Croxley’s, the early years

Tonight I went to Croxley’s with my co-workers. This is not a new thing. I’ve been going to Croxley’s for many years, with many people, including friends, broomball teammates, at least one pastor and other friends from church, a boyfriend, a cousin, and co-workers from two different workplaces. In fact, the first time I went with my co-workers from my current workplace and all the bartenders knew me by name, it might have made some of the group think of me as the office alcoholic. I’m far from it, but I can see the reasons why people would think that.

Croxley’s is like my version of Cheers, and while there’s no Norm or Cliff Clavin to go drinking with me, there was a Don and a Val and a Todd. And then there was Chaka. He is one of my dearest friends to this day, and he was even more famous than I ever was at Croxley’s. His biggest claim to fame was that he had his own drink, the Chaka Special. I have no idea what was in it, because it was invented before I started going there.

Chaka also had his own theme music. At least, whenever this one song would come on the jukebox (which was usually a weekly occurrence, and usually done by someone in our group), it reminded me of Chaka. Anyone who was there those days can probably guess what song I’m thinking of. Because Chaka, being a telecommunications specialist — the phone guy at Adelphi University — had a nickname, Pa Bell. And so we would doctor a line to say, “Like Pa Bell I got the ill communications.” The song being “Get It Together” by the Beastie Boys (in case you care, the lyrics are not G-rated, as most of this blog tends to be. Just FYI…):

There are many songs I associate with my Fridays at happy hour in those days, but this is the only one that actually brings me there every time.

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