Who Am I?

I’m Lois and I like music. One day I’d like to have my own music festival called Lolopalooza, but until that day comes, I’ll just have to settle for having it in my head. Truthfully, the lineup changes on a daily (or hourly!) basis, so it’ll never happen. By the time I book the talent I’ll have gone through about 27 different lineups and ideas about what would be the absolute best festival. It would probably also have a photo booth and karaoke.

Aside from music, I have a lot of other interests, including running, CrossFit, photography, nonfiction books mostly about psychology and Christian philosophy, and Christianity. Yeah that pretty much covers it. You’ll learn more as I blog more, I’m sure.

To my friends who may end up in my stories… Please note that I don’t refer to my friends by their real names, and I make it obvious it’s not their name. People who know me well can probably figure out who I’m talking about, but I try very hard to preserve your anonymity. Not that I say anything that could ever get you in trouble! The same courtesy is not extended to people I’ve lost touch with. They probably should have left a number or found me on Facebook.


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