Things I like about the new location in Melville

You didn’t expect me to post about the sadness of leaving Lake Success without bringing up some happiness about Melville, did you? Of course not! So after 3 1/2 weeks of commuting to Suffolk, a county which is slowly growing on me, I have here a list of things I actually enjoy about my new office location.

  1. The commute, although longer, gives me more of a chance to listen to music in the car. Especially on the way home. Especially in inclement weather. Especially when there’s been an accident on the parkway.
  2. I can’t walk places here, so I am more likely to be content with my salad instead of falling to the temptation of Chipotle. This also means I’m not tempted to take my life into my own hands by walking by the Corner of Death every day. On the way to Starbucks, to spend more money.
  3. I can learn Japanese from my two VCS Marketing neighbors behind me. It’s like free Rosetta Stone. Arigatou gozaimashita, new neighbors!
  4. Now that I sit across from Kathy, I am also learning more Spanish. And with the headset on, she even looks like she works for Rosetta Stone. Muchas gracias a Kathy tambien!
  5. The absence of the “snack table” makes it a lot easier to have a snack and not be judged by its “keeper”.
  6. I still have crappy phone service, and in the spring I’ll get a nice view from the one area where I actually get service. Down side: the bosses also have a clear view of me making phone calls / texts.
  7. Trips to FM, Procurement, and the cafeteria all come with a workout for my quads, if I take the stairs. But no fresh air  😦
  8. With the lack of cubicle walls and with our department all together, it is WAY easier to overhear stuff, so I know all the gossip first. Unfortunately, so will everybody else, so we’ll most likely be very careful not to do anything that causes gossip.
  9. The close seating in the cafeteria makes it so much easier to get to know my co-workers from the other buildings.
  10. There are a lot of windows, which let the light in. And I finally know what the weather is like outside.
  11. I don’t have to stare at the parking lot anymore.  Now I get to spy on our co-workers across the courtyard!
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