Last day in Lake Success

Today is my last day working in Lake Success. Tuesday brings a longer commute and smaller cubicle in Melville. Here are some of the things I’ll miss about working in Lake Success:

  1. The commute.  It’s kind of nice to work in a place I could bike to if need be.
  2. The ability to walk places – Pathmark, NEFCU, Lake Success Shopping Center, Starbucks are all a walk away. Oh, and my favorite, Chipotle!
  3. The Corner of Death at Marcus Ave. and New Hyde Park Rd.  If you’ve walked it, you know what I’m talking about!
  4. No more trips to King Deli with Senora Charo.  Hopefully there is a Vision Pearle on 110 – we can look that up on Googily.
  5. I can use the crappy phone service as an excuse to get up and walk around.
  6. I can use the delivery of batches to FM as an excuse to get up and walk around outside.
  7. Randomly running into people I know at Pathmark, NEFCU, Starbucks, Ridder Pond, or the Corner of Death.
  8. Conference calls via cell phone.
  9. Crowding around DK’s desk for the Monday morning meeting.
  10. The “Conference Room Juggle” – wherein you need to carry a laptop, projector, conference phone, and (most likely) coffee for a meeting.  Heaven forbid you lose your balance or something begins to fall. The first priority is of course the coffee, because that cannot be repaired.  Last priority is the projector.  Kevin can fix it.
  11. Hearing Phil complain about the temperature and declare he’s gonna call Maryann Dengel about it.  OK, that hasn’t happened in awhile, but it’s sad to know it won’t ever again.
  12. On a nice sunny day, being able to get away from the office for an hour at lunchtime, without having to get into my car.
  13. Hearing David having in-depth discussions with Ed from security about why the Mets choked last night.
  14. Speaking of Ed, his thumping of Cindy’s cubicle every time he walks past.
  15. Juan nickel and diming you in the cafeteria.
  16. Juan vs. Wan in the cafeteria.
  17. My photo / postcard walls.  I won’t have space for those in Melville
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