Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s an illusion

On Friday, I got the privilege of seeing a band I’d known about for many years, but only recently got into. Yes, there are others besides Crowder… This one would be Burlap to Cashmere (and as far as I know they don’t have plans to break up. Although it may take them another 13 years to come out with another album. Who knows?

This show was pretty intimate, which I enjoyed. Before the show, the band was hanging back at the bar, chatting with fans, etc. I saw them talking to a very short guy with long blond hair, who ended up being Martin Rivas, the opening act. He was good, nothing much to say about that. I was busy drinking vodka tonics and trying to look cute in case there were any single guys around. There weren’t.

Although, some guy tried to pick me up down the street from the venue, while I was killing time outside of a hat shop. He offered to buy me a hat and grab my butt and then wanted to go for drinks. Uhhh, no thanks. But even he was nowhere near the show.

After Martin Rivas, there was an intermission. And Jesus walked in, wearing a trench coat. OK, it wasn’t really Jesus, but he sure looked like the standard depictions of our Lord and Savior. It made the next hour or so seem somehow more blessed, however. Like maybe Jesus was there enjoying the music with us. I’m pretty sure he was…

And what can I say about Burlap? I’d seen them play before, about 4 months ago — the same day I met Brandon Heath. Everything was different though, this time around. The time of day, the venue, the weather…. So this time around I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Unlike the last time, there were no issues with the sound system. There were more people. There was alcohol. And there were extra band members. All of which made things that much better.

After I got over the fact that my cuteness didn’t attract any of the single guys in the crowd (darn!), I actually really enjoyed being there by myself, just standing in the back and enjoying the music. Burlap to Cashmere is a fun band to wach. They’re headed back to Sullivan Hall next month, and I’m looking forward to going back — whether or not I’m going alone remains to be seen.

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