12 Days of (Canadian) Christmas

So, you all know how I feel about Christmas music. I’ve already posted one of my favorite Christmas carols, which involved grown men meowing like cats. Yes I’m weird. Here’s another one.

I heard this song once in the car really early on a Christmas Eve, having just dropped a friend off at the airport. As in, it was still dark. That’s how early in the morning it was. I don’t know who it was but it must have been a pretty good friend. Or a really desperate friend, and I just had a lot of pity. It happens. Often. I still remember driving down Hempstead Tpke, crying because I thought it was that funny. This was before I’d had coffee, mind you, and things tend to be funnier to me when I’m caffeine-deprived. Things also tend to be funnier when they’re said with a Canadian accent, for some reason. Ah, Canadia, with your love of hockey, hosers, and the expression “eh”… You do make good comedy.

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