I think I’m dumb, or maybe just happy

I came across this website yesterday…


It looks at the correlation between what students listen to at certain colleges and the average SAT scores of said colleges. I think it’s a cool website, but that’s mainly because it seems indie rock is popular among students who go to the schools with higher SAT scores. It gives me a little smug satisfaction.

I also happened to notice that most of the bands I listen to are on the higher end of the SAT scores for their genre. I really don’t put much stock in the findings since, supposedly, Incubus listeners are of equal intelligence as David Crowder Band, and I personally see myself as smarter than the average Incubus fan.

But on the other hand, Sufjan Stevens and Radiohead scored really high. Smart students like Sufjan and Radiohead. In fact the smartest students… Well, they like Beethoven (don’t tell my dad — it will fuel his vendetta against music with a beat), but the next smartest students like my favorites. I can feel pretty good about that, right?

Like I said though, I don’t judge myself or anyone else by the music I listen to. But I do like feeling smart. So maybe I do judge myself by the music I listen to.

And don’t tell me if you like Lil Wayne or The Used. It might cause me to start talking down to you.

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