Nostalgia Thursday Bonus (Because I’ve been slacking as a blogger…)

Back in my youth group days, when I listened to the cheesier side of Christian music, I was super into Michael W. Smith. (If my friend Jill reads this she will probably hate me for saying that. Sorry Jill!) He is a good songwriter, but he does kind of hearken back to those times when Christian music was, well, boring. Maybe it’s guilt by association. But when I think of his music, I imagine stadiums full of girls with pouffy bangs, tapered jeans, and turtlenecks under Champion sweatshirts. And guys with mullets.  The odd part about that was, I first saw him in the mid- to late-90’s, and they were dressed this way (about a half step behind everyone else, as is often the case in Bible Bubbles!)

I remember one of his albums that I pretty much wore out on my Walkman (tape player, of course!) was i 2 (EYE). By the way, this is how the album’s name was stylized. Note the unnecessary use of parenthesis, for what reason I cannot tell you. I’m guessing it was to make it look more relevant and cutting edge. But I ate it up at the time. I could not get enough of it. It was MWS in all his synthesizer-driven late 80’s glory, and I loved it. Mainly because my mom allowed me to listen to it, and it was what all the cool kids at church were listening to.

Today I happened upon a cover of a song off the album by David Crowder Band. As we have already established, I love this band. So when I saw they’d done a MWS cover, I got a little worried. In fact, I got very worried. DCB might just fall from their can-do-no-wrong status with this one. Please God Nooooooo!

But being the glutton for punishment I am, I decided (trepidatiously) to check out this cover. DCB also uses synthesizers, by the way, but somehow they are just way cooler. As it turns out I had nothing to worry about. Because the cover is awesome. Check it out….

I’ve gone YouTube crazy tonight, I think.

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