Nostalgia Thursday: Black Dog

I’ve been dog sitting for the past few days (basically since I got back from the wedding), so in honor of that, I decided to post about a song that reminds me of my days back at Adelphi.

Every time I hear it I think of Jack, a guy I used to work with there who shared my love of Led Zeppelin. One day he was down the hall and called out, “Hey, hey mama!” And I finished the line. By the time we caught up with each other in the middle of the hall, we were both in the middle of the guitar solo. I’m pretty sure Chaka poked his head out of his office and said, “White people…” But that might have been some other time. He said that a lot.

He was fun to work with. Then we had a falling out and I never talked to him again. But for a few brief moments, we bonded over this song.

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