Nostalgia Thursday — The Smiths

Nostalgia Thursday starts with a band I’ve liked since the first time I heard “Panic” on WDRE. Or maybe it was “Ask” or “Big Mouth Strikes Again” or… Well you get the point. I celebrate the band’s entire catalogue. At one time I was even known on the internet as HangTheDJ, back when I was into the 1996 version of Facebook, a chat service called ISCA BBS. In those dark days, we didn’t have status updates or profile pictures. No, this was text based. And super fun when I was stuck in the library computer lab that summer, with like zero students, so I had to kill time. But I digress. This has very little to do with The Smiths. (Except I got to meet some awesome fellow Smiths fans. And then lost touch once I quit ISCA BBS.)

I think the reason why I liked and identified with The Smiths so much was because in some ways Morrissey seems to have had the same problem as me… Shyness. “Shyness is nice and shyness can stop you from saying all the things in life you’d like to.” Or, “I am the son and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar.”

In fact, quoting the first line of “How Soon Is Now?” reminds me of what really attracted me to their lyrics. That entire song was like my love life back in college. Or I should say lack of love life back in college. And in some respects today. But it’s a pretty common song and you can google that anytime you want. I want to share another song that is also about shyness and insecurity, which you can also google, but it’s so much more fun to post it here.

And this is also one of many proofs of Johnny Marr’s guitar legend-ness.

I just noticed, Morrissey has a big freakin chin. Anyhow, today’s Nostalgia Thursday is brought to you by my sad and pathetic love life. And Morrissey’s too.

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