Like being in the restroom at a sporting event

So about two months ago I decided my avenues for finding a decent, normal single guy who was interested in dating me were gone, and it was time I gave online dating another try. You all should know this by now, and if you don’t just go back a couple entries, and you’ll see what I mean. Today I decided it was high time for an update. I’m hopefully going to do more of these, but seeing as how sometimes scheduling time to wash my hair can become a process, I’m not gonna promise anything.

Usually when I say that, I magically do whatever it is I’m not promising. Still not promising.

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Math is easy, but I still prefer shopping

I love to shop. It’s pretty undeniable. It’s not that I enjoy spending a ton of money. On the contrary, my favorite shopping moments come when I find something for super cheap. For instance, every time someone compliments my “Sgt. Pepper” coat, I have to tell the story of how I got a really good deal on it at when my friend Kent and I were shopping at Macy’s right before Christmas.

Usually after that, if my friends know Mr. & Mrs. W, who got married last month, I tell them, “I got a really good deal on my dress for the W’s wedding too!” Continue reading

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I might be caving

If there is one thing in my life that I have been adamantly against, it’s online dating. Please don’t get me wrong on this. I have no problem with the concept. Last month I saw a very dear friend I’ve known since college get married to a wonderful guy she met on a dating site. And they are so happy, and it totally worked for them. And for many other friends too. My problem is, it never worked for me.

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It’s Nostalgia Thursday in Britain, even though it’s still Wednesday here

I decided to leave the 80’s behind in order to post about something that’s still near and dear to my heart — Britpop! I got into it in college, and unlike other genres that came and went, it’s stuck with me for all these years. And, whenever I listen to The Verve or Supergrass, or Blur, but especially Oasis, it always brings me back there. The other day I got on an Oasis kick.

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Atari, When in Rome, and a rainy day in 1988 – The Return of Nostalgia Thrsday

So the other day I was driving in my car, radio station hopping, when I heard my first “favorite song”. I don’t know about you, but for me my favorite song changes often. There is so much good music out there, I just can’t stay with one. But there is always one song that I could listen to over and over again, on a loop. Right now I’d say that song is “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys. That is the latest in a long line of favorites. Most of these songs become my favorites because I could pin them to a specific event or feeling that was happening when I first really listened to it. And no matter how old the song or long ago I liked it, when I hear it, I am transported to that one place and time.

This is the case with “The Promise” by When In Rome. It always brings me back to a rainy day in 1988, an extremely rare occasion when my mother, a teacher at a different school from the one I was going to at the time, had to work, but my brother and I had off. Continue reading

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I’m so bored of little gods

Lately the same theme has been coming back to me in different ways — through conversations, through sermons, through music and even through some of those stupid Facebook picture posts, which I can’t seem to get enough of. I’ve been struggling through a lot lately. I’ve been looking for direction, acceptance, love… And it’s not as though it isn’t readily available to me. I just tend to look for it from the wrong places.
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Things I like about the new location in Melville

You didn’t expect me to post about the sadness of leaving Lake Success without bringing up some happiness about Melville, did you? Of course not! So after 3 1/2 weeks of commuting to Suffolk, a county which is slowly growing on me, I have here a list of things I actually enjoy about my new office location.

  1. The commute, although longer, gives me more of a chance to listen to music in the car. Especially on the way home. Especially in inclement weather. Especially when there’s been an accident on the parkway.
  2. I can’t walk places here, so I am more likely to be content with my salad instead of falling to the temptation of Chipotle. This also means I’m not tempted to take my life into my own hands by walking by the Corner of Death every day. On the way to Starbucks, to spend more money.
  3. I can learn Japanese from my two VCS Marketing neighbors behind me. It’s like free Rosetta Stone. Arigatou gozaimashita, new neighbors!
  4. Now that I sit across from Kathy, I am also learning more Spanish. And with the headset on, she even looks like she works for Rosetta Stone. Muchas gracias a Kathy tambien!
  5. The absence of the “snack table” makes it a lot easier to have a snack and not be judged by its “keeper”.
  6. I still have crappy phone service, and in the spring I’ll get a nice view from the one area where I actually get service. Down side: the bosses also have a clear view of me making phone calls / texts.
  7. Trips to FM, Procurement, and the cafeteria all come with a workout for my quads, if I take the stairs. But no fresh air  😦
  8. With the lack of cubicle walls and with our department all together, it is WAY easier to overhear stuff, so I know all the gossip first. Unfortunately, so will everybody else, so we’ll most likely be very careful not to do anything that causes gossip.
  9. The close seating in the cafeteria makes it so much easier to get to know my co-workers from the other buildings.
  10. There are a lot of windows, which let the light in. And I finally know what the weather is like outside.
  11. I don’t have to stare at the parking lot anymore.  Now I get to spy on our co-workers across the courtyard!
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One more stupid love song…

I’ve been wondering tonight how my Mumford and Sons station on Pandora became nothing but love songs. I don’t know. They kind of depress me. So why does Pandora think I like them? Truthfully, I like them more than I let on. I admit, when the Mat Kearney song “New York to California” came on, I got a little misty. OK a few tears fell even. I guess I wish I was that girl. Continue reading

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Last day in Lake Success

Today is my last day working in Lake Success. Tuesday brings a longer commute and smaller cubicle in Melville. Here are some of the things I’ll miss about working in Lake Success:

  1. The commute.  It’s kind of nice to work in a place I could bike to if need be.
  2. The ability to walk places – Pathmark, NEFCU, Lake Success Shopping Center, Starbucks are all a walk away. Oh, and my favorite, Chipotle!
  3. The Corner of Death at Marcus Ave. and New Hyde Park Rd.  If you’ve walked it, you know what I’m talking about!
  4. No more trips to King Deli with Senora Charo.  Hopefully there is a Vision Pearle on 110 – we can look that up on Googily.
  5. I can use the crappy phone service as an excuse to get up and walk around.
  6. I can use the delivery of batches to FM as an excuse to get up and walk around outside.
  7. Randomly running into people I know at Pathmark, NEFCU, Starbucks, Ridder Pond, or the Corner of Death.
  8. Conference calls via cell phone.
  9. Crowding around DK’s desk for the Monday morning meeting.
  10. The “Conference Room Juggle” – wherein you need to carry a laptop, projector, conference phone, and (most likely) coffee for a meeting.  Heaven forbid you lose your balance or something begins to fall. The first priority is of course the coffee, because that cannot be repaired.  Last priority is the projector.  Kevin can fix it.
  11. Hearing Phil complain about the temperature and declare he’s gonna call Maryann Dengel about it.  OK, that hasn’t happened in awhile, but it’s sad to know it won’t ever again.
  12. On a nice sunny day, being able to get away from the office for an hour at lunchtime, without having to get into my car.
  13. Hearing David having in-depth discussions with Ed from security about why the Mets choked last night.
  14. Speaking of Ed, his thumping of Cindy’s cubicle every time he walks past.
  15. Juan nickel and diming you in the cafeteria.
  16. Juan vs. Wan in the cafeteria.
  17. My photo / postcard walls.  I won’t have space for those in Melville
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Never be frightened at your own faintheartedness in attaining love

I have to admit I kind of hate Valentine’s Day, and I think that the fact that I’ve never actually had a Valentine has something to do with it. Anyways, it doesn’t really matter why. But any holiday that makes you feel inferior because you don’t have a sweetheart kind of sucks.

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